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This document started as a suggestion that PMLD should write up an article about Solar PV system in Princeton. We discussed that option at a PMLD meeting but decided it would be best for PMLD to stay out of such recommendations. So I created a draft document and got some feedback from various people in town and made a number of revisions. I will continue to revise this document that you can download as a pdf file: *PV_Advice for Princeton, MA.pdf” for free. PMLD did create a new solar compensation policy at the end of 2022 and as a commissioner with a solar PV system I abstained from that discussion over several meetings in 2022 and did not vote on the policy to avoid any potential conflict of interest. The advice in this document is based on my own experience with an 8kW PV system and the current PMLD policy and also includes some discussion on how compensation for solar PV power might change in the future. You are free to share this complete document with others. While the goal is to help Princeton homeowners understand what they could expect from a solar PV system please use this document at your own risk and if you do find errors or have other suggestions please provide feedback.

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PV Advice for Princeton August 2023

Engines and Fuels Presentation 2023

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